A Full individualised history from you determine if you are experiencing symptoms of Menopause.  We most often spend up to an hour and half with you on your first visit to really get to know you as a person and to know your full history before starting with any laboratory tests or with any treatments.

Both simple blood tests, like a female hormone panel, and other specialised tests like a thyroid function test, an adrenal function test, or an IgG Food Allergy test can determine the underlying cause of your Menopausal symptoms.

The goal of overall treatment and changes is to provide relief from symptoms and also to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease and other diseases associated with ageing.  Many women going through menopause can seek symptom relief through specific dietary recommendations, exercise, stress reduction, and botanical formulas. There are also specific nutrients that can re-set and stabilize the thermostat in the body that is flipping on and off due to the fluctuation in estrogen.