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Planning a Pregnancy ? Consider These Tips

With increasing stress and changes in lifestyle, younger generation is facing initial problems in conceiving. While meeting a senior gynaecologist is advised, following tips can be useful:

  • Visit a gynaecologist 2 to 3 months before planning a pregnancy for Baseline tests. Any disease running in the family, of either partner, needs to be discussed. A mid-cycle ultrasound can give a clue as to whether ovulation is occurring normally
  • Start folic acid supplement. Treat/ control medical disorders like, anaemia, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, asthma, diabetes, leucorrhoea, chronic cough and UTI (by drinking enough water).
  • Lose weight if you are over-weight by exercising, and maintain a normal BMI. Eat a balanced diet.
  • Maintain a menstrual diary, note dates of menstrual cycles for the last six months at least.
  • Stop smoking, both active and passive, and alcohol consumption as they are likely causes of birth defects.
  • Do not take over-the-counter medicine in the time period when trying to conceive.
  • Avoid radiation exposure, (X-rays) while trying to conceive and during first three months of pregnancy
  • If you are actively trying to conceive for one year and are above 30 years, consult an experienced gynaecologist.
  • In cases of one or recurrent miscarriages, investigations are required.
  • Try meditation/ yoga to re-main stress free and read about parenthood.
  • A few tests for husband are also advised.

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Designed & Developed by Array Street © 2019-20